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  • Boom Operator: Six ways to improve your skills - The Sound Jack

Boom Operator: Six ways to improve your skills

A boom operator should be neither seen nor heard. They are the stealth ninjas on set recording a video’s sonic story. Without an experienced boom operator, your project is sure to fail.  Need help understanding the mechanics of a boom operator...
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  • Sound Design: How to enhance your story

Sound Design: How to enhance your story

Have you ever found yourself imitating the sounds of a lightsaber or a t-rex? Do you actually know what they sound like? We all think that we do, but actually nobody knows. We believe that these sounds exist simply because...
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  • Sound Restoration Cover - The Sound Jack

Sound Restoration: How to reduce noise and who to hire

Sound restoration is the process of removing extraneous noise such as: hums, hissing, pops, crackling or environment noises like an airplane or train. With today’s “run n’ gun” shooting style for videos, the need for sound restoration is growing. Media...
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  • Sound Editing: What How and Why

Sound Editing: What, How and Why

Sound editing refers to the crucial work that sound engineers do in post-production for film, TV, commercials, videos or podcasts. Without sound editors we wouldn’t know the signature sound of Luke Skywalker’s light saber, understand what the E-Trade baby is...
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  • Mad Max The Sound Jack

The Mad Sound of Mad Max: Fury Road

The sound team for Mad Max: Fury Road is cleaning up at every award show. They tied with The Revenant for Best Sound Editing: Sound Effects & Foley in a Feature Film at the MPSE Golden Reel Awards and brought...
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  • Oscars 2016: The Sound Jack predicts winners for Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing

Oscars 2016: The Sound Jack’s Predictions

A great year for sound editing, mixing, and design. The 2016 Oscars are coming in hot. Sunday will showcase fierce competition, the pinnacle of Leo’s career and racial tension – #oscarssowhite. This year Leonardo Dicaprio is so desperate for his first...
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