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  • The Secret World of Foley

The Secret World of Foley

Vimeo recently featured an inspiring short of the week that reveals the secret art of sonic storytelling, FOLEY. Behind every great movie has been a foley artist. They re-create all of a character’s interactions with their environment like footsteps, clothing...
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  • Sound Design: How to enhance your story

Sound Design: How to enhance your story

Have you ever found yourself imitating the sounds of a lightsaber or a t-rex? Do you actually know what they sound like? We all think that we do, but actually nobody knows. We believe that these sounds exist simply because...
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  • Sound Restoration Cover - The Sound Jack

Sound Restoration: How to reduce noise and who to hire

Sound restoration is the process of removing extraneous noise such as: hums, hissing, pops, crackling or environment noises like an airplane or train. With today’s “run n’ gun” shooting style for videos, the need for sound restoration is growing. Media...
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  • Sound Mixing: Three reasons why you should hire a professional

Sound Mixing: Three reasons why you should hire a professional

Sound mixing is more than just pushing faders and tweaking knobs. It is an art form. Randy Thom, a well renowned sound mixer that has worked on award-winning films like The Revenant, said, “Mixing is figuring out what is essential...
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  • Sound Editing: What How and Why

Sound Editing: What, How and Why

Sound editing refers to the crucial work that sound engineers do in post-production for film, TV, commercials, videos or podcasts. Without sound editors we wouldn’t know the signature sound of Luke Skywalker’s light saber, understand what the E-Trade baby is...
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