Vimeo recently featured an inspiring short of the week that reveals the secret art of sonic storytelling, FOLEY.

Behind every great movie has been a foley artist. They re-create all of a character’s interactions with their environment like footsteps, clothing rustle, and anything they touch. To provide the highest quality, these interactions are recorded in sync with picture in a controlled environment. These recordings are then mixed into the films soundtrack and help increase the sonic cues and hyperrealism of a big-time movie. Foley and sound design often cross borders. When this happens, a character’s movements can begin to provide emotional context – think the T-Rex in Jurassic Park.

This film, featuring two-time Emmy Award winner Pete Burgis and his disciple Sue Harding, gives an amazing look into the world of Foley. Watch the incredible focus of Pete and Sue as they act out footsteps, creaking boats, flopping fish, and waterfalls live to picture in this impressive short.


When dialogue disappears and filmmakers use a character’s actions to tell the story, foley takes over. The Sound Jack offers foley recording for any project. Contact us now to help beef up your sonic story or check out our articles on sound editing, sound mixing, sound restoration, and sound design.